Upskill - Job Management

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  • You can show jobs for a customer by searching their surname or company
  • Jobs can be sorted by ID, customer, due date and status
  • You won't get a warning message before deleting a task on a job
  • Quickly create a job for a customer by pressing +Job on the customer page
  • Use 'New Customer' on the create job page to save navigating to the customer page


Update 1.0

Here you will see all the changes made in every update, recent first.

[How updates work]
  • UpSkill is updated regularly.
  • Simply request a feature, and it could be added the same week.
  • Here is an example:
  • Jobs order by status descending by default.
  • Added significant purchases field to jobs
[About UpSkill]
  • Your business' version of UpSkill is unique.
  • Custom tailored to your business' needs.
  • Almost fully customisable.
  • Work closely with the developer to make it your own.

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